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Man Videoing Racist Tirade With Phone Can’t Believe Nobody’s Helping Victim

Durham, N.C. —  Currently live streaming an old white man yelling racial obscenities at a young Hispanic woman, 32-year-old dental hygienist Carson Alvey is completely shocked that nobody in this local supermarket is doing anything to stop the heinous act. Situated at the edge of the frozen foods aisle in order to get the clearest view of the altercation without drawing too much attention to himself and potentially ruining the shot, Alvey has been filming the hate-filled tirade in its entirety for the past six minutes or so. Holding the mobile device high in the air to capture the best aerial view, Alvey expressed disgust at the fact that so far not a single person in the store has intervened to aid the poor woman.

“People make me sick,” Alevy said as he pointed to the growing crowd of onlookers while simultaneously repositioning his phone with his left hand because his right hand was getting tired. “This disgusting racist is just screaming at this woman, and nobody is lifting a finger to back her up or stop this madness. I mean, what has this country come to? My view count is in the thousands, by the way.” Continuing to capture footage of the prejudiced rant, Alvey finally worked up the courage to move closer once security guards stepped in to remove the older man from the store. “Hold on, I have to get a better angle of this,” Alvey said. “The better the shot, the more shares, the more followers, and so on.”

Max Rosenblum is a comedian and writer based out of Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mrmaxrose.