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Trump Just One More Fuck Up Away From Losing Support Of Ohio Man

This article originally appeared in the Antwerp Oyster.

LEBANON, OHIO — Warehouse Manager Lester Wagner (53) has just about had it up to here with the man he voted for in the 2016 Election. A loyal Trump supporter since the day he declared his candidacy for the highest office, Wagner now believes if he sees the President do “one more dumb as shit thing”, he may just be forced to no longer support the man. “Fuck yeah I voted for him. He and I, well, we both remember when America was great and understand where it went wrong,” Wagner said as he loaded supplies into shipping crate destined for Cincinnati. “But he’s been all over the place, man. I’m not there quite yet, but I’m just about fed up. I swear to Jesus himself, if Trump does one more thing to harm the reputation of this country or what not, I may just be forced to say that I can no longer support him.”

Wagner said he’s aware that over the past two years the president has openly mocked LGBT people, people with disabilities, women, black people, immigrants from nearly everywhere, Jews, Muslims, Mexico, North Korea, John McCain, television political pundits, the media overall, late night sketch comedy shows and even his own White House staff, but that the President would have to do something really crazy for him to say enough is enough. “Yeah, I know all that. Fuck, quite frankly, all that shit was pretty cool. What I mean is if he does something really dumb, you know? Like, just stupid as hell. I’ll knows it when I sees it.”

Max Rosenblum is a comedian and writer based out of Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @mrmaxrose.