Millions Offer Thoughts And Prayers For Unknown Victims Of Next Inevitable Mass Shooting

This article originally appeared in the Antwerp Oyster.

Millions of Americans joined together yesterday evening in a show of collective solidarity to offer thoughts and prayers for the victims of the country’s next large-scale shooting, wherever and whenever it may occur. Thousands attended candlelight vigils in several cities across the country, with many more offering condolences on social media for all the undetermined men, women and children who will soon inevitably die at the hands of the next crazed lone wolf shooter, domestic terrorist, untreated mentally ill person, or all of the above.

“It really speaks to our strength as a nation that so many people came out tonight to not only think about past tragedies, but offer prayers, hymns, bible passages, and direct messages from God to future casualties as well, whoever they may be,” said Mary Lou Hoffman, who organized a rally in Dallas. Vigils were also held in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Boston, while pro-active mourners expressed their sympathy under the #NotMuchElseWeCanDo, #MightAsWellGetThisOverWithNow and #ShowThemYouCareJustEnoughToPostThisCrap hashtags on Twitter.

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