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Recent Tragedy In Niger Causes Nation To Hold Breath For A Moment Before Realizing No, It’s A Different Word

UNITED STATES — Rising racial tensions caused many Americans to briefly take pause after learning about the four U.S. soldiers who were attacked and killed earlier this month in the African country of Niger. Upon reading the news, people all over the country gasped momentarily, initially believing media outlets had made yet another faux pas, only to soon realize that in fact everything was cool because it wasn’t the bad word they all thought. “I gotta admit, I was panicking when I saw that headline about Niger,” said Brittany Mills of Memphis, Tenn. “Niger. That is how you say that, right?” The knee jerk reaction by many was an unconscious response to the public rise of white nationalism and KKK rallies that have been held across the country in recent months, incidents which have left folks more on edge about everything, even at the expense of spelling and geography basics. “I almost lost my shit when I first heard it,” remarked William Saganaw, who hails from Carmel, Ind. “I swear to Jesus, I thought people were gonna be pissed. Turns out that country’s been there this whole dang time. Who knew?”

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